Single Russian Women Videos

How to watch the videos

Click on the picture to go to the Russian woman's profile on ForeignLadies. Then scroll down and click the video link to watch. If you have credits on your account and you click on any video link on the lady's profile page, 3 credits will be charged from your account. If you currently have no credits on your account, you may watch a 30 second preview before being taken to the purchase credits page (Limit three 30-second preview videos per day).

Keep in mind that these Ukrainian and Russian women are single and actively seeking a partner for life. You have the opportunity to meet and develop a relationship with any of these ladies. They are not anonymous women on a video that you will never meet. The fact is any of these women could potentially be your wife.

Purpose for the videos

The main purpose for the videos is to allow you to see the ladies in a natural environment. A video camera can capture the essence of the lady in ways a photo cannot. With the video you get a feel of the lady in person and it is easier to imagine her by your side as well.

Time length of the videos

The video time lengths vary from 1-2 to up to 5-7 minutes. It depends on how much footage of the lady was shot and how it was edited. The videos are independently produced by the affiliates without us imposing any time lengths for the videos. So some may be shorter and some may be longer.

How many times can I view the video?

You can view the video multiple times for 25 minutes (gives you value for your money). When you click the video link, the clock starts and you have 25 minutes to view the lady's video multiple times. If the lady's video is only 2 minutes then you could possibly view it 10 times. After 25 minutes, you would be charged another 10 credits to view it again.

Computer specs to view videos

The video works best with a high speed Internet connection and at least 256 MB of RAM. It also may depend on the degree of Internet traffic your provider is experiencing today. If you use a dial-up connection you may experience time lags and stop/starts in the video.

What if the video pauses for a second or two and starts again?

If the video does an occasional stop/start, this is due to the streaming video effect. As you view the video it is being streamed in real time. If your computer has difficulty handling the speed in which the video is being sent, the video will pause for a second or two so your system can catch up with the stream.

How to keep the video from doing the stop/start?

What you can do is pause the video for a few seconds or longer and wait until the gray streaming line passes the small black circle time marker on the left below the video screen. At this point you can enjoy the video without interruption.

How to use the video screen.

Our video player has many of the functions you would expect: play/pause, turn on/off sound, expand to full screen, and timer. You click the video link to start a video. After the video starts, then you use the play/pause button to stop the video if you wish.

Can I get my 10 credits back after I have viewed the entire video?

Our affiliates have put forth major effort and expense to produce the videos and deserve to be compensated. If you wish to view the full video, 10 credits will be required. No refunds or returned credits for full videos viewed.

Some videos are professional/some not

Our affiliates produce the videos themselves. Some agencies are large enough to have a video person professionally film the ladies. While other agencies are smaller and may not have the budget to create many professional looking videos. We feel it's most important to let you see the lady, therefore we do accept some less than professional videos.