Tour to Cebu

Meet Cebu Women during a Cebu Tour!

Does meeting Cebu women sound interesting? Picture this in your mind. Have you ever been a room with hundreds of beautiful women? If you have, I'm sure it was quite an experience. Another question, have you been in a room with hundreds of beautiful women who all sincerely wanted to meet you. That's quite a different story, but that is what will take place when you travel to meet Cebu women in the Philippines on an AFA tour.

Possibly hundreds of beautiful Cebu women? That sounds overwhelming! Not really. We actually encourage men to meet a lot of ladies during their tour and we help you get to know them quickly and efficiently. So just take a deep breath, start meeting them, and enjoy the moment.

Now that you've got the picture in your mind; let's cover a few reasons why women in Cebu Philippines make great wives.

  • Anyone who has met them will tell you that Cebu women are graceful, beautiful, and have a very charming personality. These ladies are irresistible to the men who visit them.
  • Cebu women speak English and are very familiar with American culture. Cultural misunderstandings are much less likely if you date a Filipino lady.
  • Honesty is the best policy with Philippine women. They want to develop a trusting relationship with you based on honesty and mutual understanding.
  • Divorce is not an option for Philippine women; their culture frowns on it. They are dedicated to marriage and family and put forth their best effort to make it work.
  • Cebu women adapt well to living in other countries.
  • If you are religious you should know that the majority of girls in Cebu are Catholic.

Cebu is home to one of AFA's agency offices where thousands of beautiful Philippine women have joined the Cebu agency. All of these ladies are waiting for their special man. That special man could be you if you just go there to visit them.

Why go on the AFA tour to the Philippines? Cebu women are usually shy and prefer to have an intermediary they trust introduce them to a prospective suitor. At the tour socials you have a dedicated staff assisting you with the introductions with Philippine women during the evening. During the rest of the tour, you spend your time getting to know these lovely ladies.

What to do on a Cebu tour ?

Here are just a few ideas. Be sure and ask Jim the agency manager for advice on where to eat, reservations, and making dates with Cebu girls. The following are all great date ideas.

Santo Nino Basilica - Named after the patron saint of Cebu.

Scuba Diving - Cebu has great dive sites, and you can go snorkeling and island hopping also.

Ayala Center - Nice mall to visit. Good place for an afternoon date with a Cebu lady.

Kawasan Falls - Great day trip from Cebu.

Now that you have the picture in your mind, it's time to call 1-800-576-3367 for reservations or if you just want more information.

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