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Meet Chinese Women in Shenzhen China during a Romance Tour!

Why meet Chinese women in Shenzhen! Consider this! Untold thousands of men like you are looking for something different from the typical in his country. You know as well as I do that all around the Western world, magazines, TV programs and relationship counselors spend time giving advice to men on how to find the right woman, and what strategy to use, etc. In other words: a lot of jumping through hoops.

You may be thinking, I would really like to find a beautiful, easygoing lady without all the drama and head games. Let me pose a question. Which is easier: to change the location of where you are seeking, or changing the cultural mindset of the lady who lives nearby? Let me answer that! It is a tremendous waste of energy attempting to change someone into your ideal woman. So why not go where you can much more easily find the right lady for you.

Where is this "Oz"? A few decades ago it was a tiny village, but now it's the most beautiful and modern City in China, Shenzhen.

Here are 4 reasons to join the romance tour to Shenzhen China.

Reason 1: "Shenzhen Women"

The first reason is the most important reason. Shenzhen has exceptional Chinese women in droves.

Chinese women, in contrast with many girls in the Western world, are simply affectionate, easy-going, and faithful. Only these 3 words are simple enough to define these lovely women! And if you want to know more about them here are some other common characteristics among Chinese women:

  1. They are well known for being decent and sincere
  2. They are ready to accept new things
  3. Women in China are kind and caring for family and friends
  4. They seek real love and relationships based on mutual understanding and respect
  5. They want somebody to love, to talk to, to laugh with, and to share their lives with - to be together forever
  6. A Chinese woman who has decided to give her love to a man will love that man with every fiber of her body and will really try to make their relationship work

What do Shenzhen women think of us?

Many Chinese women think of foreign men as interesting, respectful, and faithful. These are some of the reasons they are interested in serious relationships with men outside of their country.

Reason 2: "Meet Many Chinese Women in Shenzhen"

AFA offers group tours to Shenzhen where you will meet potentially hundreds of Chinese ladies at their socials. The socials are geared toward assisting you in meeting as many Chinese women as possible and dating the ladies you are interested in during the rest of the tour.

Everything is taken care of concerning meeting the Chinese women and getting to know them. As part of your romance tour you'll attend two dating socials that include unlimited personal introductions.

For more information dial 1-800-576-3367

Chinese women are of course the best reason to visit, but there are plenty of other advantages to attending a Shenzhen tour.

Reason 3: "It's a fantastic city with the world's culture in your hands"

Shenzhen is situated in the southern part of China. More than thirty years ago, it was a small fishing village called Baoan County. In 1979, it was renamed Shenzhen and became the first Special Economic Zone of China. Now Shenzhen is in the top ranks among Chinese cities in terms of economic power. Shenzhen is modern and safe.

In Shenzhen you have excellent parks, and this is why Shenzhen won "the Garden City Award" in 2000. Theme parks such as "Splendid China park" and "China folk culture villages" will introduce you to China's long history and varied cultures, while Window of the World" will take you to every corner of the world showing you the world's most famous monuments and scenic wonders in one day. These make for great dates with Shenzhen ladies.

Shenzhen city is also "THE" shopping district in China. Bearing the reputation as the shopping mecca in southern China where you'll find places like Coco Park, MixC, Kingglory that sell Seibu, Gucci, Lois Vuitton, and Armani. For everyday purchases, Dongmen and SEG Plaza sell cheaper items.

Reason 4: "Great weather"

Forget about it being too cold to enjoy Shenzhen with Chinese women.

It's mild in the autumn and in winter there is a bit of a cool breeze. However it is just warm enough to do anything you want to do because the South China Sea buffers its climate, therefore cold snaps are not common. In the spring Shenzhen is relatively dry, and then it has a warm and wet summer. The climate here allows you to enjoy all the activities that Shenzhen has to offer while dating Chinese women.


Shenzhen China is a great Romance Tour destination and you have the chance to find the type of lady you are looking for. As you sit there reading this, in Shenzhen China there are thousands of beautiful Chinese women waiting for you to come and get to know them! So what are you waiting for? You time is now! Pick up the phone and dial... 1-800-576-3367

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