Tour to Kiev

Date Kiev women on a Ukrainian Dating Tour

Tour this wonderful city with beautiful Kiev women who are looking for their special man.

Kiev women are not only very family-oriented; they are also passionate, active and very romantic when talking about love, and they are serious without being drama queens. Recall the traditional elegance of eastern European culture and thinking, and you will get my point.

Ukrainian ladies along with eastern European ladies in general, are well educated. Therefore with a Kiev woman you will be able to talk about a variety of topics, and get a good grasp of who she is as a person. Also, the women in Kiev are fond of both traveling and having fun. During your dating tour to Kiev, you will be able to get to know the city, but we both know you didn't came for a city tour. Therefore, how will we assist you into finding your Kiev woman? You will attend the three social events over the next few days, and later assist you in arranging dates with these ladies and whatever else you may need.

The socials are very special occasions in which you could meet hundreds of Ukrainian ladies who are there also trying to meet someone like you. Like Anna, a Kiev woman who says: "I believe that mutual understanding is of supreme importance in relationship. I love children and I would like to have at least two kids. I am a kind, sincere, honest, family-oriented and happy girl. I will give all my love, care and affection to the man that will be with me. [That's why] I would like to meet a nice, intelligent, clever, kind, honest, stylish man with good sense of humor." It will be just a matter of being there and meet each other.

You say your Ukrainian or Russian is rusty or non-existent, or maybe your Kiev woman does not speak any English? No problem, our translators will gladly give you a "tongue" to help. While there collect the phone numbers of the ladies you are interested in and later arrange dates for the rest of the tour. Where to go with her? We talk about that below.

Come take a look at Kiev

Kiev's main attraction - apart from women - is its beautiful architecture. It astonishes almost every tourist visiting. See the magnificence of its cathedrals (St. Sofia, St. Andrew, St. Vladimir, for example) or the elegance of its palaces and monasteries (like St. Michael's monastery or Marinskii palace). These are all great places to visit with Kiev women.

There is more. If you happen to go to Besarabska square, Podol district or the Independence square, you will have plenty things to see and do; and you will be able to take a lot of photographs if you visit the art galleries, museums and central parks such as Central Botanical garden, Central park, HydroPark, and Museum of History of War. Your Ukrainian lady will be glad to show you these places.

Moreover, after all that, your only pending 'musts' in Kiev will be visiting the Golden Gate, Old Kiev, and Pirogovo. Pirogovo is an open museum and something unique in Ukraine: Kiev citizens moved or built replicas of the city's oldest buildings to this area, so it could serve as a living evidence for tourists as well as a remainder of what Kiev was years (and centuries) ago, which is to say that you will see small villages representing the traditional architecture of many sites in Ukraine. Bring two cameras or a couple of sets of batteries and a spare memory drive. You will need them. Why? Because you will also want to photograph your Ukrainian lady with you, don't you?

Yes, we both know the answer to that!.

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