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Colombian Dating Tour to Medellin. Date Medellin Women

Finding the right Medellin woman is never easy. Wait, back up! Shouldn't the sentence say finding the right woman is never easy? Well actually when discussing women in Medellin the sentence should read: Finding the right woman in the Western world is never easy, but finding the right Medellin women is remarkably easy. The only problem is that there are so many right Medellin women it becomes a tough choice to choose which Colombian lady you like the best.

To put it in economic terms.

Quality women in the Western World = Scarcity. Quality Women in Medellin = Abundance.

Now I'll use the formula in the old Real Estate Cliché about Location.

Attending a Dating Event Near Your Home = Probable Failure.

Attending a Medellin Tour of Dating Romance = Substantially High Chance of Success.

It comes down to maybe you have not found the type of woman you are looking for because you are looking in the wrong places. The women in your periphery may not be the type of ladies that would make a devoted life long partner. If this sounds like you, it may be time to start thinking outside the box, and outside your immediate environment, and travel to Colombia on a Medellin Tour.

This may be a new idea for you so let me tell you about Medellin women. First off Colombia women are very honest and trustworthy, as well as tender and charming even compared to other Latin American women. Sound good so far? During the AFA tours to Medellin, things are organized so you will be introduced to many lovely Medellin women. The Medellin dating tours offer an excellent chance to meet a lady you will want to spend the rest of your life with. Numerous Medellin women are waiting for a chance to meet you and AFA tours to Medellin are very successful for the men who attend. Actually, Medellin is a very popular city among men who enjoy International dating. Just read a little more, we will get back to the Medellin women soon. Let's learn something about the city.

Medellin is one of the seven cities in the world known as "The City of the Everlasting Spring", as well as "The City of Flowers" due to its flower festivals. The weather is mild here, resembling a spring which lasts all year round. Besides that, Medellin is quite a modern city and second largest in Colombia. Nowadays, the government is investing in order to improve English use in the area, so that will make things a little easier for foreigners. Lastly the city's elevation is approximately 5000 ft. high.

Don't be surprised if you see flowers all over Medellin because this city has a remarkable flower industry. Take advantage of this and have your date show you romantic orchids which will probably get her in a romantic mood.

In Medellin, hiking is popular. The easiest mountain is Nutibarra, which is neither high nor difficult. When you reach its top, you will see Paisas (the locals nicknames for themselves) and stores with souvenirs.

Back in Medellin, for some fun afternoon or evening dates, try a walk around downtown or visit the city's best parks, which I am sure your Medellin woman will gladly show you. There, you will have a great opportunity to have a drink and chat while enjoying the view of the flowers or listening to the songs of birds.

Medellin ladies are surrounded by flowers, mountains, and nature, and you can take for granted they like to live a slow-paced life. Activities like talking a lot or going for a walk in the mountains are among their favorites, and with so many flowers around, obviously they are romantic, too. Medellin ladies are fun loving but also believe in the traditional femininity, kindness, loyalty, and tenderness Latin American women are known for.

Does a lady with these characteristics sound like your dream girl? Are you the honest, affectionate, serious man these ladies in Medellin want to find? If you want to meet Medellin women, just travel a few hours from Miami.

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